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YTDF-ISETS Administration provides financial support to the YTC First Nations with 'Childcare' and 'Training' for employment programs and services.

'We will continue to advocate for our collective rights to education, technical skills, upgrading and gainful employment as a means to achieving the highest quality of life for our members while maintaining our traditional culture and values.' - Alberta First Nation Technical Taskforce Committee.


MANDATE: The mandate of our parent organization (YTC) is to work collectively on issue and to facilitate the delivery of ISETS programs and services as required to fulfill each community’s needs in a fair, equitable and responsible manner. The YTDF administration provides financial assistance and support to the First Nation Sub-Agreement holders in the delivery of their human resource development programs. These programs support the First Nations in assisting their membership to find, obtain and maintain employment, including providing financial assistance directly to individuals to support their participation in activities that are eligible under the program.

The YTDF-ISETS administrational team reports to the YTDF Board of Directors who makes decisions and provides direction on behalf of the YTC Executive of Chiefs for the agreements it enters into. As a result, YTDF-ISETS Administration is responsible for the following;

Develop, negotiate and enter into ISETS agreements with the Government of Canada, as directed by the YTDF Board of Directors. This includes preparing required documents such as Strategic Business Plans, Annual Operational Plans, Cashflow Budgets, Reports, and Audit preparation.

  • Develop and negotiate Sub-agreements with member First Nations as directed by YTC
  • Manage and administer the ISETS agreements – both with the government of Canada and Sub-agreement holders, including consolidated reports.
  • Develop policies, procedures and systems to implement the ISETS agreement/Sub-agreements to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions.
  • Monitor compliance and deal with issues. Report compliance issues that are not resolved promptly to the YTC Executive of Chiefs to resolve immediately.
  • Receive and distribute funds according to the agreements
  • Responsible authority for LMDA access which is a Federal System used to determine client eligibility to ISETS programs and services.
  • Assume responsibility for the direct management of HRD Technicians, if agreement compliance issues are not resolved promptly by the Sub-agreement holder.
  • Build partnerships with organizations/government departments to facilitate meeting the ISETS goals and priorities.

Client Evaulation Forms:

YTDF Central administration office will develop client evaluation forms to improve the employment assessment process for each respective ISETS holder location. This will strengthen the responsibilities of employment counseling and build the relationship between the client and counselor.

T6 ISETS Employment Partnerships and Job Fair Video