governance structure


Governance Structure

The Yellowhead Tribal Council (YTC) EXECUTIVE OF CHIEFS make up the YTDF Board of Directors and comprise of the following (4) YTC member First Nations Chiefs, along with 2 appointed YTC staff members;

  1. CHAIRMAN: Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation – Chief Tony Alexis
  2. VICE CHAIR: O'Chiese First Nation – Chief Douglas Beaverbones
  3. TREASURER: Alexander First Nation – Chief Kurt Burnstick
  4. SECRETARY: Sunchild First Nation – Chief Johnathan Frencheater
  5. OFFICER: YTC Executive Director – Laverne Arcand
  6. OFFICER: YTC Finance Advisory – Mike Hartley

The Yellowhead Tribal Council Executive of Chiefs makes decisions and has delegated authority in the following manner for ISETS.

  • Created an incorporated legal entity to be able to receive and manage funding and enter into legal agreements with other organizations on its behalf. The entity that was created by YTC is the Yellowhead Tribal Development Fund (YTDF).
  • Determines if YTC will enter into an ISETS Funding Agreement and if yes, direct YTDF to do so on its behalf. In directing the YTDF to enter into ISETS agreements, the YTC is agreeing with the following as determined by the Government of Canada:
    • program priorities;
    • types of programs that can be funded;
    • eligible expenses requirements;
    • eligible client criteria;
    • performance targets; and
    • accountability requirements (including data maintenance and reporting).
    There is very little latitude for negotiating the terms and conditions of an ISETS Agreement as these are set nationally and cannot be adapted a great deal. YTC does have latitude in the specific design of programs and services, within these requirements.
  • Makes decisions on the sub-agreements YTDF is to enter into and provides direction to YTDF on entering into sub-agreements to design and deliver programs and services that best suit the unique needs of their people. Although there is some latitude in the program/service design and delivery details, ISETS programs must:
    • support demand-driven skills development,
    • foster partnerships with the private sector and the provinces and territories, and
    • place emphasis on accountability and results.
  • Develop partnerships and training proposals to support the success of the Sub-agreements.
  • Provides direction and approval of annual program plans, budgets and reports for both the Agreement and Sub-Agreements.
  • Deal with issues of non-compliance of the Agreements and Sub-agreements they have directed YTDF to enter into.