YTDF Staff

Our priority is to ensure that it has appropriate number of administrative staff required to manage the ISETS program and to be accountable for improved targeted results.

  • monitors sub-agreement progress: # of clients who receive funded interventions, # of clients who received minimal levels of service, # of funded clients who receive employment as a result of ISETS supported training.
  • assists sub agreement communities to set parameters for service partnerships, market their workforce and develop cost sharing arrangements among the communities we serve to reduce costs and maximize funding.
  • provides support to those communities we serve who are interested in the enhanced service delivery model.

Further to this we also work closely with internal YTC departments to enhance services and partner with training partnerships with the YTC college.

Coordinator: (Yvette Alexis)

Oversees, and trains all administrational staff and coordinates activities between the YTDF-ISETS organization and its sub-agreements to improve and ensure the overall ISETS program/service delivery integration, accountability and reporting measures are met quarterly and annually. Plays a significant role in assisting with the facilitation and development of specifically employment and/or partnerships.

Financial Officer: (Rodney Mustus)

Responsible for the overall YTDF master agreement claim report to Service Canada and ensures all financial accountability terms and conditions are met according to SCHEDULE D of the ISETS Funding Agreement ‘Financial Management and Accountability Requirements’.

YTDF ISETS Assistant: (Farrah Bourque)

Ensures all data accountability terms and conditions are met according to SCHEDULE G of the ISETS Funding Agreement ‘Terms & Conditions Governing the Exchange, Collection, Use and Protection of Personal Information’. Increases the understanding of ISETS Sub-Agreement requirements (terms & conditions) and provides information, technical data support and practical tools to help meet these requirements. Helps to reduce the reporting burdens at the sub agreement level, providing a learning guide and/or other resources to train staff.

ISETS Childcare Coordinator: (Tina Reid)

The ISETS Childcare Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership to the front line Daycare Directors and is accountable for the administration of the IELCC under the Yellowhead Tribal Council. Also the Child Care Coordinator is responsible to ensure the YTC childcare centres are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the YTDF Master ISETS agreement, Alberta’s Child Care Licensing Regulations and Accreditation expectations.

Sub Agreement Descriptions

Under ‘Core Services’ YTDF’s sub-agreements employ 2 positions who deliver services to clients in their First Nation catchment area.


This position works with the catchment area clients and related employment departments and reports to the Community leadership and YTDF ISETS Coordinator on an indirect matrix basis on duties related to the design & delivery ISETS training & employment ‘programs and services’ and abides by the ‘Position Descriptions’ in the YTDF Service Delivery Guide. The sub-agreement technicians are accountable in approving and referring clients for training and may also refer clients to other service providers.

Data Entry Clerks

This position reports to their sub-agreement ISETS technician on a direct basis. They are accountable for ensuring all individual clients are appropriately assessed & case managed electronically and the information is documented and inputted in the file and program reporting system.